Saturday, 17 March 2012

Comment From Thinking Collector

A collector who has his own mind sent a comment to an earlier post (since I suspect that not everybody reads the comments here), I'd like to draw attention to two portions:
I let my membership in the ACCG expire. Their statements make little sense to me, nor do I think their strategy protects the long term interests of ancient coin collecting.
I totally agree, I suspect they are losing other members, hence the "David and Goliath" push recently trying to convince "World coin" (ie modern coin) collectors that maybe it is their turn next (it is not of course, the idea is patently ridiculous). Up to a point [the matter of 'protection' of the artefacts], I agree with much of the second bit too:
I believe that individuals should be allowed to be guardians of cultural objects. Dispersing them does protect them and make them available to everyone. But it is a role of stewardship and responsibility. The interests of all current stake holders and future generations must be taken into account. As others have noted. historical sites are a vanishing resource. What about the interests of children and grandchildren? And theirs?
From my own observations, I concur with this collector's view that there is little free and informed discussion of these issues among ACCG/Moneta-L coineys, their self-appointed leaders do their best to nip that in the bud wherever it breaks out.

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