Friday, 9 March 2012

Nighthorsing Caught on Film

On the night between Wednesday and Thursday without the landowner's permission or scheduled monument permission a group of men met at one of the more iconic of Britain's scheduled ancient monuments. Under the cover of darkness they swarmed about over the monument's fragile grass cover, poking metal pegs into the shallow soil below. They dragged heavy rolls of textile across the surface and left the site defaced by the time they finished in the morning. I hope they are caught and prosecuted for this blatant and irresponsible act of disrespect for the ancient heritage for commercial purposes. It is of note that the lowbrow tabloid British newspapers chortling at the escapade were the same ones that carry the most favourable reports on Treasure hunting. It seems there is little difference between one group defacing a site or monument for commercial gain and another damaging one for commercial gain.

I'm not giving a link deliberately, I do not want to give the firm responsible any publicity.

Vignette: Nighthorsers caught on Film desecrating ancient site.

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