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'Art Patrons' Financing Weapons Smuggling to Libyan Islamists?

Blood antiquities on international market?
According to information published by the Italian newspaper La Stampa, an organized crime group related to the Italian mafia in the southern region of Calabria (the 'Ndrangheta network) together with the Neapolitan Camorra, are purchasing Kalashnikov guns, rocket propelled grenades as well as rocket launchers from Moldova and Ukraine. It seems that the weapons are smuggled under the umbrella of the Russian Mafia. The destination of these weapons include being sold to weapon-hungry jihadist groups. It is reported that a major destination of these black market weapons are ISIL-affiliated fighters, based in the city of Sirt, Libya. "Naples has been, for many years, a central logistics base for the Middle East. The Camorra is also active in the world of jihadist terrorism that passes through Naples," Franco Roberti, a prominent anti-mafia prosecutor, told The Daily Beast ('Italian mob sells weapons to ISIS in Libya' Al Arabiya English 17th Oct 2016).

The Italian mafia has long been suspected of selling weapons to jihadist groups. A new detail in the La Stampa text is that allegedly, 'in exchange for weapons, the Italian mob obtains Greek and Roman antiquities that ISIL fighters stolen during their battles in Libya'
A La Stampa reporter posing as a collector was taken to a salami factory in southern Italy where he was offered the marble head of Roman statue looted from Libya for €60,000. The reporter was also shown a photograph of a larger head of a looted Greek statue, on sale for €800,000. According to the report, antiquities are brought to the Calabrian port of Gioia Tauro by Chinese-operated cargo ships.
The antiquities are said to be being sold 'to art patrons and connoisseurs (sic) from Asia and Russia' [...] 'the stolen treasures are [...] later auctioned to art collectors from China, Russia and Japan as well as the wealthy from Gulf countries'.

I doubt that there really is an 'exchange' (in kind), rather the weapons are sold to jihadists or middlemen and the transport which brought them across international borders undetected is used to transfer another illicit cargo on the return journey. This is the way organized criminal groups profit from both legs of the journey - which does not mean that the so-called 'art patrons' who buy this stuff are not financing the activities of organized groups which are involved in the movement of other illicit items, such as drugs and black market weaponry.

Donna Yates is maintaining scepticism. The dealers' lobbyists as usual  are steering clear of the topic so far.

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Chris Jones in his 'Gates of Nineveh' blog gives an interesting breakdown of the story and is sceptical about some of the details (' The Mafia, Looted Antiquities, and the KGB' October 19, 2016 )

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