Monday, 31 October 2016

Essex Collectas Innit"

"Purchase with Confidence, 
Trustworthy and Transparent Trading, 
Dependable Dealership, Reliability and Good Faith"

Brett Hammond (the Essex Birdman)'s Timelines Auctions has an interesting piece where bidding is still below estimate

1st-2nd century AD

A bronze oil lamp with flared base, hemispherical bowl with projecting fluked nozzle, raised rim to the shoulder and upper face of the nozzle with pierced lug, curved bar handle with horse-head finial and pierced lug above the ears. 152 grams, 86mm (3 1/2"). Fine condition. [No Reserve]
Property of an Essex, UK collector; acquired London art market, 1960s-1980s.
Mr Hammond is currently the Chairman of AIAD, so this must be kosher, right? A little birdie tells me that these lamps only began appearing on the market in any numbers some time after this 'collector' claims he had it from a 'London' dealer.

There are quite a lot of media reports on Mr Hammond's earlier dealings still on the internet


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