Monday, 3 October 2016

Slackjaw Numismatics

Numismatist loses
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Anglo-Saxon coin find near York is 'jaw dropping' [sic] BBC 18 August 2016
A rare coin found in York by a man who took up metal detecting a week before has been described as "jaw dropping" [by a coiney of course]. [...] The Anglo-Saxon gold shilling was one of the first coins minted in York and is believed to be worth between £5,000 and £7,000. It was found at Fulford, near York, by Ian Greig who had only bought a metal detector a week previously. [...] As the coin was found on its own it is not classed as treasure under the Treasure Act so ownership rests with the finder and the landowner, Fulford Parish Council. Mr Greig said despite an offer from a private collector he would prefer it to be on public display and is in discussions with Yorkshire Museum about them acquiring the coin.
They learn quickly these days, those treasure hunters, don't they? Mr Greig, metal detectorist of one week is in negotiation to donate it, or the landowner, a public authority? Why are public authorities ceding authority to flog off for gain the common heritage in land they manage to treasure hunters?

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