Thursday, 27 October 2016

This is Egypt Promo

Lots of cultural heritage of all types here:

Posted on You Tube by Egypt 26.10.2016 

but wait, what have you done here?*

I think many westerners would like to see a bit more political freedom, with the title 'this is Egypt'. But that might have to be done like this temple...

Here's another one: count the hijabis.

* I guess that is unclear for those who do not know this temple. What we see in the film is a photomontage of the Temple seen from the east and at a distance in the background, and the foreground is made up by superimposing a manipulated view of the central ramp from the upper (I think) terrace looking west [so in fact the same ramp as you see in the background shot seen from the other side].  If you looked here really you'd see the lower courtyard stretching away to the coach park, which was not sexy enough for the film makers.

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