Wednesday, 12 October 2016

"Lern About Archology, wot for?"

Apparently, the UK AQA (formerly Assessment and Qualifications Alliance exam board) have taken the decision to discontinue Archaeology A-level and replace it with a Classical Civilisation A-level. Obviously archaeology, a discipline as the PAS tells the public and exam board wallas can be done just as well by anyone wiv a metal detector, no longer appears to them to be any kind of a discipline that people can learn anyfink frum studying.  So only 'classical civilization' matters now? Coin fondling taken to its ultimate end.
Eoin MacGabhann, AQA Qualifications Developer, said: "By looking at the lives of the ancient Greeks and Romans and studying some of the most important texts and artefacts from the past, students will deepen their understanding of literature and culture.
Probably there will be a metal detecting and coin zapping O-level next. Oh and just to further significantly reduce access of young minds to a range of material culture and ideas, art history is also to be axed on the way to further philistinisation.

UPDATE 13th October 2016
thePipeLine 'A-Level Archaeology a Thing of the Past as AQA Axes Exam' October 13, 2016

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lalbertson said... has a "Save A level Archaeology" petition.

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