Saturday, 15 October 2016

Sekhemka statue 'now in US'

A statue ripped out from Sekhemka's tomb and sold off in the nation of shopkeepers for nearly £16m in 2014 by a mercenary local authority in league with British 'aristocrat' has ended up being exported to America - where else? (BBC Northampton Council Sekhemka statue 'now in US' 15th October 2016)
Auctioneers Christies had refused to state where it was going and there were rumours it may have ended up in a private collection in Qatar. However, it has emerged the Department for Culture, Media and Sport granted an export licence to the US in April.
That the international antiquities market with oodles of dodginess to hide is pathologically secretive surprises nobody who knows what is really what. That British civil servants discharging a public service hide what they are doing with their country's cultural assets share the same secretive manner of dealings with it is a matter for a public enquiry. Where is British transparency? I had predicted that Donald Trump's countrymen would get their hands on it on this blog earlier: 'Sekhemka to go to US Museum After All?' Friday, 1 April 2016,

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