Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Texas man busted at border with Mexican artifacts

Antiquities on wrong
side of fence and the law
Thousands of relics smuggled out of Latin America in recent years remain in the hands of private collectors in the United States and Europe.
Trade in rare Mexican artifacts may be a lucrative business, but smuggling them into the country is illegal. A Texas man found that out when he was indicted last week. Federal prosecutors in Pecos charged Andrew Marion Kowalik of Rockport with two counts of trying to sneak in "prehistoric flaked stone artifacts such as projectile points, knives and other stone tools." Prosecutors put a value on the items of $5,000 or more and said the items were stolen or someone was defrauded out of the items. Kowalik has pleaded not guilty.
Brett Barrouquere  Texas man busted at border with Mexican artifacts, October 18, 2016

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