Monday, 3 October 2016

More Ghoulish Body-part collectors

Cheap thrill collectors
should be condemned
More ghoulish body-part collectors lose their trophies.
The Egyptian Embassy in Washington, in cooperation with the Antiquities Ministry, managed to prove Egypt's right to restoring five ancient Egyptian artifacts that were stolen and smuggled to the US. In a statement by the Foreign Ministry on Saturday 1/10/2016, Ambassador in Washington Yasser Reda said the American authorities issued a decision on the right of Egypt to recover the artifacts after the embassy had provided all legal evidence that they were illegally smuggled out of Egypt. The restored artifacts include two wooden [coffin]s, a linen shroud with a mask and a hand of a mummy, he added. The ambassador said a celebration will be organized at the Egyptian Embassy in November to officially receive the artifacts.
Human remains are not ancient art. Smuggled artefacts are not the way to spread inter-cultural knowledge and understanding. It is time for the 'responsible' antiquities dealers' associations to come out and criticise the collectors who buy these items and the (named) dealers that handle them.

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