Sunday, 10 October 2010

ACCG Benefit auction ended

With all the excitement over the sale of the Crosby Garrett helmet, I plain forgot about the end of the third ACCG benefit auction... Three days on there has still been no announcement of all the thousands of dollars they have made to fight the corner of the no-questions asked market. The only coin to which I saved a link did not reach the estimate by a long way - it would be nice to think that this is a sign that collectors are beginning to get tired of all the ACCG blather, but I expect that is just wishful thinking on my part. So, Mr Sayles, how much did you make this time, and what specifically will you be spending it on?

UPDATE: As if in answer to that Mr Sayles presents his verdict in poetry: "Pennies like rain shower coin collector advocacy". A total of 1,362 bids were placed during the sale. The auction raised $28,000 "in support of guild programs, most notably as a supplement to funding of the ongoing litigation in Washington". If Sayles can get a seat on the plane to oppose what he calls a "wide-sweeping PC reaction to a vastly overstated problem".


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