Thursday, 21 October 2010

EU Aequitas: giving Preservation the Finger

Readers may remember the Falghera letter to CPAC from back in April ('Italian Businessman Urges US not to Stop Illegally Exported Coins at Border'). In my text on this I raised a number of issues and in fact wrote to the boss of Ermanno Winsemann Falghera s.r.l. posing these questions and asking whether he applies the approach he recommends adopting for dugup coins to his own dealings in the textile market. For example towards measures intended to support Italian interests against exploitation by unscrupulous business practices.

Unfortunately Ing. Falghera did not do me the courtesy of a reply, presumably we can take that as a "no". I guess the question why we should treat the ancient coin industry any different from any other is one he could not answer.

In the logo of the Società Numismatica Italiana, Aequitas gives the world the finger. That's one organization to avoid mentioning you are a member of in polite company.

UPDATE (Jan 2011): Over on Tim Haines' Yahoo "AncientArtiefacts" discussion list John Hooker is now spreading a rumour alleging that although her statues are all over nineteenth century European town halls and chambers of commerce, somehow the "ignorant" archaeologist "does not know it is a cornucopia". It seems some collectors are as humourless as they are witless. In this logo it is a cornucopia shown in a very bad drawing of a coin done with a sharpened stick by a grunting myopic numismatist on the wall of the cave of the Italian coin elves.

See now:

Vignette: A question without a satisfactory answer, is the international trade in trade in textiles etc. run like the Societa Numismatica Italiana would like the international trade in dugup coins to be conducted?

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