Saturday, 30 October 2010

"Responsible Detecting" and the Withdrawal Method

Have a look at the latest Heritage Action post: 'Metal detecting: Minelab announces a major and disastrous technological advance!'

"Who could sensibly claim that detectorists will always (or even often) confine their digging to the top few inches when they are urgently being made aware there are good targets further down. To propose such a thing would be to suggest they aren’t human. PAS oughtn’t to imply otherwise.
Third, it surely follows that there is no realistic way that PAS can tell the public there is no problem with these machines being out in their fields. It just won’t wash to say that “because we have outreached to, liaised with, and partnered detectorists nearly all of them are now so responsible they would stop digging after a few inches.” Surely the “metal detecting debate” isn’t going to end up with PAS saying they truly believe most detectorists will practice the withdrawal method? I have news for Pope Roger: they won’t, in their thousands, and everyone knows it!"
The author's fourth point is a good observation. The detectorists are not so much concerned with responsible detecting, but the appearance of doing responsible collecting. It's all a sham really.
Vignette, metal detectorist after detectoitus interruptus - adapted from here

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