Thursday, 21 October 2010

Upcoming UK Conference: New Labour's Cultural Policy and its Post-Recession Legacy

On 12th November 2010 at University College there will be a Cultural Trends International Conference: "A "Golden Age"? Reflections on New Labour's Cultural Policy and its Post-Recession Legacy". The keynote speech ("Creative Britain”: Myth or Monument") is followed by five sessions:
"The Reckoning",
"Patterns: Private, Public & the Lottery",
"Industries & Culture that Works",
"Leadership, Public Value & Social Good",
"Myths & Realities. Labour’s Core Script & Instrumental Measures".

So which session is the PAS and Treasure hunting going in? This is the archtypical example of New Labour cultural "policy", socially inclusive, not to say populist and not at all "joined-up thinking". What is its archaeological "legacy"?

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