Thursday, 4 November 2010

"Archaeology's Gift"

"Archaeological remains are important to everyone. Please stop looting, collecting, and selling cultural materials".

This is a curious one I stumbled across (though I see it has been up since May 2008, so others might have discussed it). It is interesting to see "history" through US eyes, and the sentimentalism is cloying, but the message is a noble one and perhaps this is what it takes to get it over to some artefact hunters and collectors (slow beginning warning): The image of President Bush is a bit unfortunate - I am not sure what prompted the authors to use it.


pottedhistory said...

Unfortunately I doubt if anyone that should see that will actually sit through it to the end. I nearly didn't and I actually care!

Paul Barford said...

I did say it had a "slow beginning"... the image of a convulsed former Commander-in-Chief seemed out of place too. I put it up as a bit of a curiosity. I find this sort of US conception of "the past" a bit difficult to get a handle on.

Nevertheless I think grabbing the attention of the You Tube generation for the cause is important, I know the coineys have been considering it too. So if this is how "not" to do it, what would be the attention-grabbing thought-provoker we need?

Anonymous said...

"I find this sort of US conception of "the past" a bit difficult to get a handle on."

Well here's a 20 second video that might do the job

Or maybe not!

Trouble is, your US coiney pals might take it as face value and not appreciate the several layers of reality that are on display there...

Why not offer a prize to any of them that gets it?!


Paul Barford said...

I do not think many of them "get" very much at all...

Let us hear some UK metal detectorist comments on the US metal detectorist talking about detecting holidays in the UK...

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