Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Four Year Old Artefact Hunting in the UK

Gareth Marklew sent this link in a comment to this blog and there we have it. The results of half a generation of PAS outreach, four year old boys out in the fields making money from digging up artefacts and selling them back to the nation. [is that a medieval gold coin the kid holds up at 12 seconds while "just playing" in the BBC video?] Now what is this we hear about "responsible" detecting? A metal detector generates an electromagnetic field which penetrates the ground to a considerable depth. Through air, its reach is greater. A four year old's developing brain is much closer to the coil than an adult's. What are the health risks of metal detecting? Where is this child's mother while dad is out irradiating the son?

Is looting the PASt for money something responsible adults should be teaching their kids? Or perhaps the 'modern' British educational system will now be turning out more and more kids heroically metal-detecting away Britain's past?

Note that his dad also started young,
James’s father Jason, 34, said: ‘[....] 15 years doing it as a hobby I'd never found anything like it....’
Photo: Daily Mail.

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