Monday, 8 November 2010

ACCG Executive Director withdraws Text on "Wisconsin 12"

I noted with interest that Wayne Sayles had a post on his blog boasting that coineys had twelve Congressmen (and one Congresswoman) in their pockets over import restrictions on illegally exported ancient artefacts and connecting it with the ACCG Friends of Numismatics awards. Oddly enough that text disappeared soon after being posting. Perhaps it will reappear in edited form? Never mind, there is a Google Cache version of the original here (it is archived here too). Its much the same stuff as on the ACCG website, but from the Ancient Coin Collecting blog we additionally learn that:
The efforts of Marc Lubin, on behalf of the International Association of Professional Numismatists, were a key factor in the successful coordination of this joint letter. In the recent elections, three past recipients of the ACCG "Friend of Numismatics" award (Ryan, Petri and Culberson) were returned to Congress and one recipient, Sean Duffy (R-WI), was elected to his first term in the House of Representatives. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), a past recipient of the award, was re-elected as well.
Hooray, eh? I wonder if those who elected them knew of their likely position on the engagement of US antiquity dealers with the import of illegally exported ancient artefacts from source countries whose archaeological record is severely threatened by looting?

So, who else has got one of these ACCG Turkish-designed tin plaques on their office walls, and who received one but is now hiding it in shame? And who should have given it back long ago?

Marc Lubin: here and here. So how does this American democratic system work? If I want to deal in (say) smuggled caviar or rhino rump steaks and I go along to these three smiling guys and persuade them that its a good idea and if I pay them enough money they can "arrange" twelve congressmen to oppose measures intended to stop me?


FlaviusSextus said...

Google cache is temporary. Make sure to save a hard copy or an offline digital copy.

These guys are shady and they'll deny everything, so keep records of what you can!

Paul Barford said...

Oh, I downloaded it... I do keep lots of records, got a cellar full of it. Anyway this text also found its way to two coin collecting aggregators (which will have google caches too). Perhaps it will reappear on the Sayles' blog, maybe he just wanted to adjust it, add some verbal flourishes, a picture or two....

FlaviusSextus said...

Adverbs probably. He does love his colourful language.

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