Friday, 12 November 2010

Where are the Bumper Stickers?

A few days ago I published here the details of a letter written by twelve US congressmen hounding the State Department to investigate why the import of smuggled artefacts from four countries was being restricted or potentially being restricted. I published it here and on the SAFE blog. Silence. Total silence ensued. I'd be very interested to know if a single SAFE member (or anyone else) actually did contact their Congressmens' offices to ask just what the hell they think they are doing. Was there even one? Where was the newspaper coverage?

Where are the:
bumper stickers?

Where is the letter from the AIA to each of those twelve Congressmen (or better still an open letter to the people they claim to represent) about them signing such a document? SAFE? The various bodies in the US representing responsible antiquity trading? The embassies of the states concerned?

Perhaps I am missing something, perhaps US congressmen without a second thought sign such documents every day, whenever a smiling lobbyist crosses the threshold of their offices with hand outstretched. Signing letters opposing the US taking measures to save the whales, stopping undersea oil leaks, measures to curb human trafficking, or gun running; I don't know, thankfully these people do not represent me. But if they did, I for one would sure as hell want to know just what they think they were doing, and why, and concerned to get other people asking the same questions. "Honk if you disapprove" - silence.
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