Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Wisconsin Collectors' Rights Declaration

American coin collectors seek the freedom for looted objects to enter the USA, unrestricted from measures instituted as a result of the US entering into bilateral or multilateral cultural property agreements with other states:
BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Wisconsin, in convention assembled, asks lawmakers to pass a bill exempting art, books, coins, militaria, pottery, stamps, weapons and other common antique collectibles for consideration from future import restriction and cultural property laws and treaties.

"Congressmen Paul Ryan, Tom Petri and Mark Green supported this (it is mentioned briefly on Petri's website) and it passed by a voice vote of about 75% of the delegates present".

There is an interesting discussion of the resolution here where coin dealer Dave Welsh suddenly found himself outside coiney circles... and had a hard time of browbeating them with his usual ACCG nonsense, most of which is equally as untrue as the stuff I discussed in the post below this.

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