Friday, 12 November 2010

The "Link Between Buying & Selling Members"

Archaeology-trained Mr Malony of the Loughborough Coin & Search Society ("Pounds for Doing Nothing, Let Us Find and Sell the Archaeological Artefacts on Your Land") does not want to bore us with the details of how his group operates - though I think we get a pretty good idea, despite the fact that the forum is actually blocked from view to the real stakeholders in the heritage they covet - the general public.

The Society was founded as an offshoot of a numismatic society back in 1968 (which would, I think make it one of the oldest continuously-functioning MD clubs in the country). As such it still has two distinct sections, a "detecting section of the Society" and a coin collecting one and ...
"Our monthly meetings also offer the facility of “Fixed Price Tables” to provide a link between buying & selling members at a realistic price to both parties and a minimal commission charge towards Society funds."
So, the detecting liaison officer finds willing farmers, the heroic hoikers go out and hoik heroically (some of them with "the depth advantage") and then heroically bring the booty back to the “Fixed Price Tables” to sell it to the coin collecting members of the club. Truly gruesome. "It's purely for the 'istry m'dears". As we learn, as part of their archaeological "outreach", the FLO attends most monthly meetings so presumably witnesses the whole crass heroic spectacle. Or do they avert their eyes?

Any comments from the PAS? Unlikely isn't it? Draw your own conclusions.

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