Wednesday 5 January 2011

Illinois Collector shows Objects from Alexander's Tomb?

Incredible: Iuka Man Wants County Help in Finding Potential Hidden Ancient Treasures. This is in darkest Illinois -
An Iuka man who believes the lost Tomb of Alexander the Great may be located in Romine Township in extreme southeast Marion County...
Here we see in very clear form the results of amateurish study outside of established methodologies and procedure of decontextualised artefacts palmed off on them by their unscrupulous "finders" - resulting in a distortion of history.

This is the Burrows Cave story revived. Lots on this in the literature and in t'internet (such as here).
The Community Relations committee thanked Hubbard for his information and agreed to ask State's Attorney Matt Wilzbach about how the county could proceed.
What is the matter with these people? Never read a book?

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