Wednesday 5 January 2011

Missing the Point on Artefact Hunting in the UK

Derek Fincham has reviewed Suzie Thomas and Peter Stone's edited book "Metal Detecting and Archaeology" as only a wide-eyed uncritical admirer of the PAS can. Yuk. I think Mr Fincham may have been reviewing a different book. In his description of what he wrote, Fincham suggests the book "offers new insights into the tension between parts of the public and archaeologists" and "has much to offer any thoughtful discussion of the clashes between metal detecting and archaeological study". Does it? It does not actually cover the issues of preservation which lie at the heart of the criticism of current British policies on artefact collecting. Neither really is there an informed discussion of the differences between collecting and archaeology which will of course affect any attempt to use collectors' data in archaeological research. Try as I might, I really cannot see any "frank discussion of the harm done" or indeed in any detail of "laws which are broken". See also my own comments here, and a brief mention of a review similar in tone to Fincham's here.

MINERVA too apparently says: "Both metal detectorists and archaeologists can learn much from the papers in this book".

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