Saturday 15 January 2011

Markus Spreads the Word

Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues is currently a "featured blog" on Markus Millington's ArchNews web portal. ("It's proving to be very popular", I am told). It used to be featured on the CBA website (I only found out about it by accident, nobody had actually asked if they could) but I think I criticised them once too often for not doing something-or-other and they stopped, or perhaps the metal-detectorists complained. There is something called the Maia Atlantis Ancient World Blogs which also re-publishes posts from this blog among other bits and pieces (I really can't see why to be honest as I am not really discussing "the ancient world" as such).

Anyway, it is nice to know the word is being spread, all the better to get more and more people questioning the tenets behind the type of collecting and trade which is criticised here.

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