Thursday 27 January 2011

PAS "Provides a Service" to Commercial Artefact Hunting Rallies

I asked "Should the PAS not be making a charge for their services when they are exploited by commercial organizations like this?" A reader sent me a comment:
No, they're just amazingly generous, like anyone that is spending other people's money. See here:
The Scheme runs a wide variety of events throughout England and Wales annually. These events include:
- Finds identification days in museums, libraries, archives and archaeology centres
- Lecture free of charge to clubs, societies and students (bet I know which sort of clubs mostly!)
- Provide their services at metal detecting rallies
- Organise and attend conferences on related topics to the work of the Scheme,
- Run, help, attend and otherwise provide assistance to their local Young Archaeologist's Club
"Provide their services" to COMMERCIAL artefact hunting rallies. Straight from the PAS website.

As for Finds identification days, see this
; The past 12 Finds identification events attracted a total of 44 people..As I said, there is little chance the Bloomsbury set will say a word against rallies in view of that. But what kind of "public outreach" is that? Perhaps the public wants and deserves more than a finds identifying outfit for all the money they are spending on the PAS.

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samarkeolog said...

The events listed as "finds afternoon[s]" are also '[d]rop-in ID and recording session[s]', so if you include them (and the "public finds identification day"), then in the last two months (since 27th of November 2010), 44 people have attended one of 11 events. That's four people each time; or, since each afternoon session is two hours long, two people per hour.

I wonder if they're hiring.

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