Tuesday, 24 January 2012

PR Newswire: Renewal of Import Restrictions on Cypriot Coins Being Considered

The ACCG has issued this press release about the recent CPAC hearing about the potential renewal of the Cypriot MOU: Renewal of Import Restrictions on Cypriot Coins Being Considered

Gentle Reader, did you know that "such drastic measures as import restrictions can actually lessen the number of finds reported"? Apparently "evidence was presented on how ..." at the recent CPAC meeting. Somehow, I do not think that was what the coiney lobbyist was wanting to prove. Bangor's Raimund Karl said something quite different. In reality, England's PAS is nothing whatsoever to do with either the export process of import restriction. Also is preservation from looting anything to do with "the number of finds reported"? Chalk and Cheese.

Anyway, at the CPAC the academic numismatists gave the dealers lobby a run for their money, in the words of one person leaving the State Department that day, they (metaphorically) "kicked the dealers' butt". No wonder no summary has appeared on Cultural Property Observer or Wayne Sayles' blog.

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