Thursday, 12 January 2012

Coiney Talk on the New York Coin Bust

Just to get an insight into the mindset of some of these collectors, take a look here, bearing in mind the actual reasons why under US law a coin might be seized for further investigation by law enforcement officials. Quite remarkably the discussion on the Forum coiney discussion list goes on largely in the same, 'fourth amendment' etc vein.* It seems to me that the US is not doing a terribly good job in educating its own citizens about these matters (1970 UNESCO Convention: Article 10b, Article 5 f - the lack of attention to the first part of article 5 by the US may have something to do with that).

* It is quite amazing isn't it that many coiney Americans obviously think that theirs is the ONLY country in the world where the principle "innocent until proven guilty" exists (indeed they seem to think the US invented it). News for you guys, it goes back to Roman Law (Digest of Justinian) and even Revolutionary France and communist Poland had the same legal principle.

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