Thursday, 12 January 2012

Farmer Giles is Confused about UK "conservation", as are we all

From a UK farming magazine's letters page:
I see from your Entry Level Stewardship handbook (in which you explain how you will pay farmers like me for looking after our land) that I must not "run free-range pigs on archaeological sites” (Section 1.5.4) whereas “metal detecting is allowed on land within an ELS agreement” (Section 1.5.5).

Can you please explain why that is, given that as we both know, pigs don't dig down half as far as detectorists or take any artefacts away? It seems to me your rules are anti-oink but pro-oik. Why do you take such an irrational stance? Are you trying to protect archaeology or not?
P.I. Giles, Priory Farm, Porkton, Nr Cheltenham, UK.
I think he has a point and DEFRA should make the distinction clearer.
Vignette: puzzled pig.

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