Thursday, 19 January 2012

17 Archaeological Blogs on the Antiquities Trade and Looting That YOU Should Read.

Doug Rocks-Macqueen (University of Edinburgh) has an archaeology blog and yesterday featured on it "17 Great Archaeology Blogs on the Antiquities Trade and Looting That YOU Should Read.
Here is a list of 17 great blogs that you can follow on the antiquities trade and looting. They are the first category on my list of great archaeology-related blogs (more categories coming soon). This list is not meant to pigeonhole these blogs into a single category as they sometimes discuss other issues but they are a great resource on the topic of the antiquities trade and related topics.
The ones he listed are (in a different order from Doug's alphabetical):
Conflict Antiquities- [Sam Hardy, "Samarkeolog", formerly University of Sussex]
Elginism - [Matthew Taylor, London (?), Friends of the British Committtee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles]
Looting Matters - [David Gill, Swansea/Ipswich Suffolk]
Property of an Anonymous Swiss Collector - [Donna Yates, Cambridge UK]
NEW ONE, a “Moderately learned commentary on looting, antiquities trafficking, and art crime” . Doug says "by far one of the best names for a blog ever" (agreed, though I also really envy David's "Looting Matters").

Cultural Heritage Lawyer Rick St. Hilaire - [Rick St Hilaire, Plymouth State University]
Cultural Property & Archaeology Law - [Kimberly L. Alderman, University of Wisconsin Law School]
Culture in Peril - [Nicholas Merkelson, History Associates New York]
Illicit Cultural Property - [Derek Fincham, South Texas College of Law + ARCA]
Looting - [Nathan Craig Pennsylvania State College, and Margaret Brown Vega, postdoctoral researcher USA]
SAFECORNER- [Cindy Ho and Others - New York]
The Punching Bag - [Larry Rothfield - University of Chicago]
Whitewashed Tomb - Dr. Richard Rothaus, Trefoil Cultural and Environmental, Sauk Rapids, MN
Things You Can’t Take Back - [Meg Lambert - Bennington College, Vermont]

The Assemblage - [Will Anderson - University of Melbourne]
It Surfaced Down Under! - [Damien Huffer, Australian National University, Canberra]
Cultural Property Repatriation News and Issues - [That's one of mine]
Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues - [Barford, Warsaw Poland]
Four are from the UK, eight from the US, two from Australia and two from Poland. What is more notable that three are 'political' (SAFECORNER, PACHI and Elginism) but most of the rest are people writing from university archaeology and law departments.

Today's list is equally important: 13 Commercial Archaeology and CRM Blogs to Follow

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