Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Rewriting History on the Twinstead Hoard Theft: It Never Happened?

The events on last year's Twinstead commercial artefact hunting rally where a whole load of people made of with gold coins some of which seem to have been offered on eBay within hours of coming out of the ground give some insight into what goes on in UK metal detecting. Thus a considerable effort was put, by metal detectorists and their partners the Portable Antiquities Scheme, into playing down these events. It seems with some success, the residents of the village obviously have no idea at all that this thievery was going on under their very noses. A local newspaper boasts that Twinstead has one of the best track records when it comes to low crime rates.
According to the latest Home Office crime statistics, Twinstead suffered no crime or anti-social whatsoever in November and October. Since December 2010, the village has suffered just three crimes along with one incident of anti-social behaviour. In July last year, there was a burglary and in September there were two thefts, which could have been either a stolen bicycle or theft from a person. Parish councillor David Holland of Church Road said: “It’s delightful living here."
I guess we can bet quite safely that it was not the commercial artefact hunting rally either that was counted as the "anti-social" behaviour. It is not known if Councillor David Holland is a metal detector user. Now why did metal-detecting police constable "Eagle 1" dealing with this case not report a crime in the village? Does he think he has all the coins back? Is he sure? How many coins were recovered within the 14 days, and what is the status of the investigation?

Halstead Gazette, 'Is Twinstead the county's safest area?', Wednesday 11th January 2012.

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