Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cyprus MOU Renewal Meeting Today

It is today, isn't it that the coineys will give their impassioned plea in a public hearing of the CPAC to be allowed to import coins unlawfully exported from Cyprus. I hear Wayne Sayles is going and the dealers' associations paid lobbyist will be popping over from his office in Connecticut Avenue. I wonder whether this will be an occasion for a summit meeting of the Ancient Coin Collectors' Guild elders over a pint or two in a back room of the Foggy Bottom Arms to discuss strategy now things seem to be going very much against the coineys rendering their focus on the CPIA rather pointless?

I am reliably informed that there are three academic numismatists scheduled to appear, supporting the renewal of import controls and in opposition to the so-called "professional numismatists" who merely want to sell them. Oh, I wish I could be there to watch.

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