Sunday, 15 January 2012

KV64 Announced

It has been announced today what the rumours were suggesting a while back, a KV64 has been found in the valley of Kings near the tomb of Siptah. It is Third Intermediate Period which is nice, as that was the date of the ones I excavated in Deir El Bahari in 2009. Let's hope this one is more intact than they were. It is a shame though that the geophysical anomaly found by the Amarna Tombs Project could not have got the number KV64. It will be interesting to see what happens there...

UPDATE 16th January
Can't get Thebes out of my mind. I decided not to take part in this season's projects at Deir el Bahari, but as the snow and ice take hold and I re-read Mirek Barwik's "The Twilight of Ramesside Egypt" with all those fascinating graffiti, I cannot help but dream of the desert valleys and a crazy woman Pharaoh's Temple of a Million Years nestling under the cliffs. It's a place I'd been fascinated by since I was seven; on my first visit I was surprised to find out I already knew (almost) every corner of it, never having been there. The fascination, perhaps obsession, remains and I am thrilled and privileged to be able to work there. Oddly enough, it is not the great monuments that excite me as much as the rocks around and in particular the fascination of the ancient graffiti on them, walking in the steps of Butahamon and all the others that scribbled away out in the remote valleys. It's a total contrast to the type of archaeology I specialise in normally, illiterate, anonymous makers of grotty, baggy pots who lived modest lives in holes in the ground (the Early Slavs liked swamps).

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