Thursday 12 July 2012

"Binned it", When?

Readers might remember that when the news first broke here, on this blog, about an upcoming PAS-sponsored programme ("Britain's Got Treasure") about Treasure hunting, the PAS denied it was involved. "We binned the proposal" is what they were reported to have said. If that is what they did say, we can now see that this was not true. More to the point, that statement was made in December 2010. So how do they square that with the information that appears attached to the PAS Fickr photostream "Behind the scenes of Britain's Secret Treasures" that a series of them were reportedly taken on February 26, 2007 using a Sony DSC-W55. Can the PAS explain how they were preparing the programme already three years before reportedly "binning" the proposal?

Photo: Presenters Bettany Hughes and Michael Buerk sharing a professional moment during filming at the BM (Radio Times

UPDATE 13.07.2012: In the revamp of the PAS website the date of those formerly ascribed to Feb 2007 has been altered - no word of explanation why. 

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