Thursday 26 July 2012

Stout's Standards Gets it Wrong

In Poland I have to explain my 'unusual' (ie un-Slavonic) name, "Bar like the place you drink beer, Ford like the car"- they still get it wrong (Barfort, Beerfoot, Bredford, Bradford). Understandable, as it does not end in - ski or -icz like all decent names here should.

You have to have a metal detectorist's brain however to make of my name what metal detectorists do. Still, with PAS staff encouraging them (as reportedly does the Norfolk FLO, among others), perhaps its not surprising.

As Nigel Swift (whose name, short though it is, some of them cannot manage either) points out in an update to his Heritage Journal text on the information people buying metal detectors receive with them, Mr Stout really has the wrong end of the stick. It seems the whole notion of good-versus-bad-practice (which anything but the most superficial of readings of Nigel's post will reveal is its subject) is one which is wholly abstract  to some metal detector wavers. I'd like to think it's just the American ones who only know of PAS and its best-practice outreach mainly through myth and hearsay rather than any actual knowledge of what they do and what they (should) stand for. Regton's though should know better.

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