Friday 13 July 2012

PAS Website Restored, But....

Members of the panel at the British Museum.The PAS website was down for a while for what was described as "upgrading". It is back up now, certainly looks tidier than the multicoloured clutter that was there before, but right slap bang in the middle of the screen is bumph about the TV "Treasure" programme they reportedly "binned". The programme has a dedicated page on the BM PAS server. Odd isn't it, that this is the first official detailed presentation of what the PAS has been up to in the name of its archaeological outreach.

UPDATE 16.07.12
The CBA website also has a much more modest reference to this upcoming programme: 'Britain’s Secret Treasures series starts tonight'.

Vignette CBA from PAS.

Britain's Secret Treasures, ITV 1 16th-22nd July 2012

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