Tuesday 17 July 2012

PAS Sponsor "Greatest Single Recruitment Drive in the History of Metal Detecting"

Another reviewer is none too impressed by what the PAS and ITV are serving up in "Britain's Secret Treasures":

This programme was possibly the greatest single recruitment drive in the history of metal detecting. Perhaps future episodes will widen the story and talk about how the PAS was started to stem the flow of Britain’s treasure on the illicit antiquities market.  Or perhaps even tickle on the subject of how important it is to let the archaeologists dig these found objects up, rather than ripping them untimely from their graves and running straight to Westfield with them in your grubby hands. But I suspect that’s exactly the message ITV wanted to promote. Straightened times? Economic slowdown? Out of work? Ne bother! The very ground here is chock full of gold. Even the show’s opening credits were blatantly blingy.
More here:
Lisa Westcott Wilkins, 'Britain’s Secret Treasures…, Or ITV’s public shame?', DigVentures, 16 July, 2012 at 9:14 pm

Britain's Secret Treasures, ITV 1 16th-22nd July 2012

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