Thursday 19 July 2012

Deadline Up

The deadline for "submitting your own treasures" to the ITV "Secret treasure" show has just passed. I wonder what the response has been? Polite indifference, or a flood of unreported and highly important finds? After all those three million unreported objects of the HA Erosion Counter went somewhere. One for every viewer of the series I would think.

Oddly enough, although the programme is called "Britain's Secret Treasures" the programme's webpage announces: "Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept submissions from Northern Ireland or Scotland as the Portable Antiquities Scheme only covers England and Wales". (Well, Wales only at the moment.) So this "competition" is to elicit information about BRITAIN's "Treasures" found by members of the British public, or to produce more finds to aid the expansion of the PAS database?

Britain's Secret treasures, ITV 1 16th-22nd July 2012

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