Friday 13 July 2012

Farmers Are Going To Get Sick of This

Metal detectorist "Roxy" comments on an upcoming programme about Treasure that seems likely to propagate the fundamental message that there is no real reason why any Tom Dick and Harry can go out and find and dig up Treasure and get a hefty reward for it if they buy a metal detector and stick to a few simple ground rules:
I to[o] think this will be a good watch. Problem is, everybody and the next door neighbour's cat will go out and buy a metal detector thinking they are going to find their fortune. This programme will be good for dealers with regards to sales but not good for EH as it will add to their problems 
and of course if you are a "responsible detectorist" ("partner"), English Heritage's problems with a damaging increase in artefact hunting are your problems, no? So if the programme is not good for the heritage, why are responsible metal detectorists and their organizations not actually saying so?

Britain's Secret Treasures, ITV 1 16th-22nd July 2012

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