Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Wayne Rides out to Confront the Enemies of the Loony Fringe

"Idiot America", a nation
within a nation
. An
explanation of coineyism
In the past five years I have been blogging, I have come across some pretty wild "Idiot America" stuff from US coineys. The text that greeted me this morning certainly takes some beating for its Glennbeckianism (Wayne Sayles 'AIA and IS: birds of a feather?' Monday, February 02, 2015).
Al-Queda - ISIS - ISIL, whatever. The rampant Islamic State (IS) has much in common with the present leadership of Archaeology in America. Both are dedicated to the repression of knowledge and the perpetuation of radical ideology [...] what the AIA itself promotes and espouses has a familiar echo in the ideology of those Islamic Fundamentalists who relegate the past to a tool in their political arsenal.
Just for good measure: "... the AIA marching drum has often been likened to that of national socialists (not without some justification)...". But 'likened' by whom?

The only comment to that need be a reference to the very descriptive book of  Charles P. Pierce (2010) about precisely the prevalence of this kind of mindset in part of US society, a nation within a nation and one in which the noisemaking of Wayne Sayles and his ACCG quite clearly belong ("Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free") - get it and in my opinion it sheds a good deal of light on the context of coineyism. Is there there nobody in non-idiot US coin collecting who is going to challenge there this anti-intellectualism and the series of imagined oppressions of the ACCG loony fringe? Or is it not a fringe in the US coin collecting community? What about among the members of the IAPN and PNG?

UPDATE 4.1.15:
Whoah.... talk about lack of distance! Dealer Dave ("The Loony Fringe" Ancient Coins February 03, 2015) apparently has not spotted the list of abbreviations in this blog's left sidebar... and provides his own. He knows of only one 'non-idiot numismatist' and states that anti-intellectualism is US constitutionally guaranteed and "there is nothing "imagined" about"... Imagined Oppressions. In a word another ACCG contribution to the debate which is redolent of "Idiot America" in all its GOPry.

"Apparently my effort to break down and explain Mr. Barford's polemic vs. Wayne Sayles was noticed" Dealer Dave notes with apparent satisfaction, documenting that in these collecting circles the happy-slapping ad personam responses to any attempt to discuss the effects of artefact hunting on the archaeological record are really just childish attempts to seek attention, rather than contribute in any meaningful form to any public debate. Robert Jenrick thinks that one can work with these people, I think the rest of us can see that this is just fantasy. 


Nathan Elkins said...

Time and again, the leader of the ACCG and its lobbyist have proven themselves not to be serious commentators on cultural property issues. This type of ignorant vitriol is all the evidence that is needed.

Paul Barford said...

Time and time again they prove their inability to be a serious commentator on anything at all. Having started this nonsense discussion, Wayne Sayles seems to be getting extremely confused writing

"And, of course we should now realize through the kind elucidation of Mr. Barford, Thomas Jefferson was an "anti-intellectual" who lacked the credentials to spew his political propaganda about human rights."[https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=23338545&postID=1247545270456130796]

This is not at all what I had said. I quite clearly had referred to what fellow dealer Dave Welsh had written in giving a rather specific definition of the notion of anti-intellectualism:

"anti-intellectualism: a perspective emphasizing fundamental human values, and the rights of individuals, such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the right to own and enjoy private property etc."

That my interpretation of what he had written accords with what he meant can be adjudged by the fact that Dealer Dave then edited his text and added:

"Mr. Barford clearly agrees that this is indeed what he meant, since he says that I state that "anti-intellectualism is US Constitutionally guaranteed ..."

Then Dealer Dave joins in about Jefferson...

As I said the imbecilic propensity for this milieu to come out with nonsense arguments not relating to any fragment of reality is an indicator of the waste of time it would be trying to discuss things with such logic-deficient people.

Where are the sensible coineys?

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