Thursday, 11 August 2016

Being Polite to the "Scumbags", Washington Style

On behalf of the dealers, the IAPN and PNG's spokesperson and Washington law firm lobbyist urges collectors to:
disagree with what the State Department bureaucrats and their allies in the archaeological establishment are doing to our hobby, but weshould endeavor to do so in an upstanding manner
This same lobbyist's blog setting the tone of that with its publishing comments about the preservation lobby being "gutless slimeballs", "utter scumbags", "slimy", "human trash". Really, really "upstanding".  Setting new standards for the notion of  'polite'.

With his other hat on, the lobbyist is involved in "problem solving for individuals, not-for-profits, and corporations, particularly in employment disputes and matters related to the construction of contracts" and also "insurance coverage issues". I wonder if the same sort of language is heard in his office when discussing these issues with clients?

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