Thursday, 18 August 2016

Trouble in Pirate's Cove

A little birdie tells me that the ACCG tried to rile up a certain group of collectors on a forum near you, but blocked to me, about the Cyprus MOU and are being given a somewhat hostile reception by the provenance-seeking antiquity collectors there. I hear another dealer has even challenged Dealer Dave to say what it is he is trying to do which he fears means that this requirement for documentation could lead to items being confiscated. Wow, 'twould be nice to be a fly on the wall. Anyway this is all good if at last the naysayers are being asked to explain themselves and answer criticism from within. It is time to STOP the dealers' nonsense and start some adult discussions on how to clean up the no-questions-asked market.

Meanwhile, the cut and paste campaign over at the website seems not to be going too well. "No comments posted" it says. Are the ACCG in trouble, or is there another explanation?

Vignettes: Getting rid of the archaeologists

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