Saturday, 13 August 2016

Landowners, Beware of Metal Detecting Scammers

A day after my discussion of the 23-quid "Roman grots", Heritage Action's Farmer Brown warns other landowners to be wary of the metal detectorists
Last Sunday a bloke offered me £500 to allow a detecting rally in my top field! I asked him what he thought they might find. “Nothing probably” he said, “we’re only interested in history – but if any treasure comes up you’ll get half”. Talk like that should trigger alarm bells for any farmer. The truth is that 99.95% of the saleable artefacts they find aren’t treasure items so I was being offered only 0.025% of what they found and they were going to keep 99.975%. In MY bloody field!
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Vignette: Courtesy Silas Brown,

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