Thursday, 11 August 2016

Cut and Paste Guide for Retarded Coin Collectors with Nothing of Their Own to Say...

Here are some cut-and-paste guidelines from the IAPN and PNG for tongue-tied coin collectors who have no ideas of their own what to say about the Cyprus and Peru MOU public consultation (Peter Tompa, Bailey and Ehrenberg lobbyist, 'Collectors' Voices Need to be Heard Once Again!; CPO Thursday, August 11, 2016). Sadly, tests have shown that half of the American population is below average national  intelligence, and it would seem that large numbers have taken up coin collecting and metal detecting in preference to reading books on the past. Mr Tompa gives tghem some guidelines what to write and says to them: "please take 5 minutes and tell CPAC, the State Department bureaucrats and the archaeologists what you think". In fact if their comments are going to be hasty knee-jerk reactions cut-and-pasted anyway, I suspect the archaeologists are not really even a little bit bothered what they "think". Collectors' voices are beginning to mean less and less because precisely of the rubber stamp nature of what the vast majority of them "say". Of course the ones in the US that can read and write and think for themselves will not need any Peter Tompa telling them what to do and how. Let us see how many there are.

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