Saturday, 20 August 2016

Bournemouth Collectors Stoop Low

Five years ago, August 20 2011 a Red Arrows plane came down near Bournemouth, and very soon afterwards, the site  was being searched by collectors for keepsakes:

Trophy hunters have been swarming all over the site of the fatal Red Arrows air crash – in a sickening search for ­“souvenirs”. Villagers say people have turned up armed with metal detectors and shovels and even asked residents to point out the exact spot [the pilot]’s body was found. One resident, Stephen Young, said: “It is sickening. They were just like ants crawling all over. “At one point I counted 35 people all bent down in the field. It is very ghoulish.” [...] Locals say people have flocked to the site to collect pieces that scattered over a 500 yard area. Dorset Police warned: “It is RAF property and they are committing theft.”
'Red Arrows: Sick trophy hunters swarming over fatal crash site' Mirror, 1 Sep 2011.No charges seem ever to have been brought.

Vignette: Digging to collect

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