Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Peter Tompa Attacks Egyptian Activist

"these gutless slimeballs,
the so-called paragons of archaeological virtue" 

Peter Tompa
Bailey and Ehrenberg's specialist in cultural property law, Peter Tompa is deservedly facing some flak on Twitter for his quite appalling attacks on Monica Hanna who he has accused of being biased in her research and "having ties to Egypt's military dictatorship" . He has just invited her to "comment on my blog about her views on Sissi [sic]" to disprove his own accusation that she allegedly has ties with the present government. This is after announcing that his own government "strongly disapproves arrests/deaths [of political dissidents] at hands of Egypt's Gov.".  Mr Tompa is taunting Ms Hanna. Mr Tompa is attacking her on the basis of nothing more than his own conspiracy theories about "secret links" with the US-based Antiquities Coalition (which he sees as having "ties" with the present Egyptian government - hence his dotty accusations). Mr Tompa is hounding a lady who has done more to help spread awareness about and protect the heritage of her country than Mr Tompa has ever done for his own. Shame on you Peter Tompa.

It is also the middle of the day in Washington DC, is Mr Tompa carrying on these disgusting attacks and nasty insinuation from his office computer in the lawyers' firm? It seems so

We also find out in that thread that, like most of his fellow supporters of collecting, Peter Tompa cannot cope with having his own logic (I use the term loosely) turned against him.

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