Wednesday, 17 August 2016

"Independent Scholarship" and ISIL

Christopher Jones has an interesting piece on so-called "Independent research" and the ideological war ISIL wishes to wage with western civilization (a bit like the coin dealers too) - ISIS Embraces Critical Scholarship of the Bible? Gates of Nineveh August 16, 2016
the work of a great number of people unconnected to and unsupportive of ISIS and their goals has been collated and redirected for the purpose of recruiting people to join the Islamic State. Thanks to the magic of the internet, everyone is now an expert. And since everyone is now an expert, even a brutal and thuggish organization occupying a stretch of landlocked, mostly undeveloped desert land in the Middle East can now throw together seemingly sophisticated scholarly-sounding recruiting pitches based on amateurish misinterpretations of hundred-plus year old extremely outdated but free and public domain source material. Welcome to 21st century war.

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