Saturday, 25 March 2017

2017 ECMD Conference Artefact hunting rally

2017 ECMD Conference combined with Commercial Artefact Taking Rally

The European Council for Metal Detecting is going to hold a conference in Norfolk in September, 'the 3 day event will combine detecting and debate':

Friday 22nd September 2017Detecting all day for MDF members and local clubs.ECMD delegates at Conference at the Castle Museum for most of the day.Saturday 23rdDetecting all day for allSunday 24thDetecting all day for MDF members and local clubsECMD delegates detecting up to 10.30am, Conference to 1pm, then detecting afterwards. Land should be very good, hopefully a lot of it and undetected, but cannot promise on that. I am working on a minimum of one acre per person. Day 1 might have around 80 acres, Day 2 that same land PLUS another 80 acres, Day 3, all that land PLUS another 80 acres. So something fresh for each day. [...] Location- "somewhere in Norfolk" [...] Hotels and other accommodation info will be published for our overseas visitors from Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Denmark, Croatia, Spain, Ireland, Jersey etc. Nearer the time if there are any local detectorists who may be able to help out with accommodation, then that will help. I am sure the gesture will be reciprocal. The proceeds from the detecting will help to finance the work of the ECMD throughout Europe to look after our hobby and create a European Detecting Community. This is an ideal opportunity to meet new friends and perhaps plan some overseas detecting later on. The ECMD Conference will have some guest speakers, perhaps Michael Lewis of the Portable Antiquities Scheme who will explain how the PAS has been so successful throughout Europe
Yeah? And if he does show his face again at such an event, are any archaeologists going along to ask him a few pertinent questions in public?

Vignette: Thousands of artefact grabbers, some foreign, about to clear out a site at Newbury (photo Dick Stout). How many are in the PAS records? A mere 68.

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