Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Article 50 Solves Europe's Problems with Metal Detecting

"It's the day in which Britain lost more
power and influence than in any other day of my peacetime life

- Lord Heseltine
Article 50 will be activated by a rabid Tory suicide squad today:

At least that solves Europe's metal detectorist problem. Goodbye ECMD.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed! One of the main strands of the European Council for Metal Detecting is to lobby the European Council (and Irish legislators) to take the British system seriously and eventually adopt it so it's a small consolation on this sad day that they will now be met with hostility, incredulity and contempt wherever they go beyond these shores. Europe no longer has to maintain a fraternal tolerance towards cultural knowledge theft.
Which is ironic, given that 89% of detectorists, most of whom are guilty of it, voted Leave.

I guess today we have to take consolation where we can find it. (My kids are taking it in their applications for Irish citizenship, which are going well!)

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