Saturday 4 March 2017

First drone footage after Syrian backed forces retake Palmyra.

First drone footage after Syrian backed forces retake Palmyra. Exclusive Ruptly drone footage released on Saturday shows the ancient ruins of Palmyra, two days after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed by the Russian Air Force, liberated the historic city from ISIL.

Posted on You Tube by Ruptly TV 4 mar 2017

so this is the second time ISIL have been in control of Palmyra. the first time there were traces of blowing things up, but few looters' holes/ spoilheaps. Can you spot any here? I cannot (but it should be noted that this footage does not show the cemetery areas).

UPDATE 4th March 2017

Reutwers, 'Less damage to ancient Palmyra than feared, Syrian antiquities chief says' Fri Mar 3, 2017
Fears of a new assault on Palmyra's heritage [had been] raised after pictures in January showed the group had destroyed parts of the Tetrapylon, one of the city's most iconic monuments, and the facade of the second-century Roman Theatre. They had already destroyed other landmarks, including a 1,800-year-old monumental arch, during their first occupation of the city which ended a year ago last March. But Abdulkarim said preliminary photographs and video from the city showed almost no further damage than what was already known. [...] Some of the damage could be repaired, he said. "Except for the previous destruction, the state of the theatre looks good," Abdulkarim said. "Even that destroyed section could be repaired. It had already been restored, and it will be again."

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