Sunday, 12 March 2017

Bad news for Greedy Torah Peddlers

Several times on this blog have I referred to Torah scroll peddlers, who claim to be 'saving' these sacred objects from something or other. In very few cases however has there been any information indicating that these entrepreneurs are following the required procedure to bring these items out of the source country. Anyway, in this case they certainly were not: Roi Kais, ' Jewish World 11.03.17
Authorities from the North African country have arrested a group of suspects belonging to an international smuggling ring;
 Tunisian authorities announced that they prevented a 15th-century Torah scroll from being [...] transferred to a European country as part of an antiquities smuggling operation.  During a press conference, Tunisian National Guard spokesman Khalifa al-Shibani presented the rare Torah scroll, which measures 37m long and 47cm wide. According to al-Shibani, unidentified foreign elements attempted to buy the scroll [...] 
Go on, name and shame them. 

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