Thursday, 23 March 2017

Arrr, Gittink Deeper on Pasture: Grubbing out Orl the Goodies!!

"every single weekend I will hit it",

Reading the 'Code of Practice for Responsible Artefact Hunting is not something many artefact hunters n Britain' do with any understanding. Probably the shorter sentences of the "close the gates and fill in yer 'oles" NCMD one is the most these poor lost souls can manage. Here's one who's not internalised what is considered best practice (on a metal detecting forum near you,  CLEAN_SKRUB » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:03 pm)
If this is the shallow stuff, what lies deeper in the unploughed
site? Those who claim that the Heritage Action Artefact
Erosion Counter is 'wrong' need to look at the implications
of photos like this showing what one tekkie can take
out of the archaeological record in just one day.
I've acquired a very very large pasture field, and a little bit of ploughed land north of it, the field is of extreme importance, and i know there must be a fair bit under it, but with me not being used to the deus i'm sure i'm not getting its full potential. I was running on program 2 i think its deus fast, found a few silver buttons but nothing too deep. =P~ I'm sure there has to be hammered in this field and it hasnt been ploughed in a hell of a long time, [...] Anyhow i tried using the new deep setting but i cant understand it at all :S it feels like using pinpoint constantly... i don't understand the way it displays and how loud it is. My main question really is can anyone link me with some valuble material, that will help me get the max depth i need in this pasture field? i know its all going to be a learning curve but i'm game for it, i never give up on a field and i know there has to be something in it due to the location. Anyhow here are the pictures of what i found on the field the other day ::g :D From the pictures below i found the two big silver buttons in the field, the big buckle and leather, and the two iron objects im unsure what they are, both of them i found together, all the other objects lead etc... i found in the little bit of ploughed north of the field of interest.
I'd be interested in hearing some comments from the archaeologists in Britain who support artefact hunting. Come on guys, tell us what you think on reading that sort of thing. Why leave it up to your critics to have the monopoly on things to say?

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Anonymous said...

This "citizen archaeologist goes on to say "I really don't think it's been ploughed since medieval times" so there's no room for him or his supportive mates to deny what he's doing is wrong.

As for the opinion of pro-detecting archaeologists they can either say what he is doing ought to be illegal and he ought to be locked up or they can keep quiet. Don't hold yourt breath for the former.

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